“I like the way the next range of spring pattern designs have gone. It is bold and striking and green leaves are bold and large in many instances.”
I like the way this blog is progressing, don’t you. Remember that last post I wrote on ‘green dressing up’? Well, we’re still busy on the same subject while branching off into what is known as power dressing for work. We’ll get to how we should be dressing for work in a moment, who knows, we may even continue with that story into the next post. Exciting, isn’t it. But first, I’d like to expend a few more lines on the theme of green dressing. The introduction to this post also serves as a reminder to us for what to look out for the next time you go shopping for outfits for the spring and summer months. But stop stations. This is green dressing, remember. Let me explain the concept I had in mind in these next few lines.

What is green dressing really?
Yes, indeed, green dressing does have a lot to do with the colors that we are implementing in our everyday wear. Colors inform us. It reflects the mood that could unfold during the course of the day. Green petals of giant delicious monsters from deep within the Amazon rainforests over a smart one-piece dress is uplifting to say the least. Of course, it reminds us of being close to nature. I also like prints which show up patterns of tall trees from thick and dense Norse forests.

But the concept I had in mind has a lot to do with becoming as environmentally-friendly as possible. I must confess that when I first heard about it, I did shudder for a bit. Some of you might not like it either. Here, let me explain. Let’s be honest, girls, most of us have a fetish or two stored away in our closets. My fetish is cowboy boots. What’s yours? Handbags? Stiletto heels? Dresses galore? Are you getting the picture?
To help cut down our carbon footprint, it is written that we really don’t need so much shoes, clothes and handbags. The advice is to keep things neat and functional. Keep only what you really need in your drawers, more or less. My shudders have gone away. Cutting down on all the excess baggage does not mean that we’ll be losing our touch with high fashion at all. Also, by the time we have cleared out all the clothes that we never wear, there’ll be young mothers on the street somewhere with something new to wear for a change.

Power dressing
In the old days when men ruled the roost completely, girls in the typing pool could not help gasping just how powerful their superiors looked. A lot of that had to do with how these masculine bosses dressed up for work every day. Wool suits and cotton shirts and ties, with matching handkerchiefs folded just so into their breast pockets, these men were power dressing. They say clothes make the man. What about the women at work, many filling the boardrooms these days? I leave you with one fine example to look at. Hilary Clinton. Take a closer look at what she’s wearing and the colors. That’s power dressing. For women.

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