I did do some research for this article, honestly I did. Then at a later stage, I decided to write the entire article from my own heart and mind. Let me explain to you briefly how this story unfolded. Right from the beginning, while we were conceptualizing this blog, I had this green theme in mind. You know, as a full-time writer, the idea to write about what I have called ‘green dressing up’ began some years ago when I was just getting warmed up to the idea of living a healthy and organic life. This desire was personal, but there was also a growing concern for the environment, in light of just how precarious the phenomena of global warming and climate change has become.

So, now we are here, several years later. On the one hand, I think to myself that not much has changed. If anything has, it has simply gotten worse. But then again, the awareness among women across the world has grown substantially. On the highest levels, legislative changes are on the horizon. I just hope this is all not a case of ‘too little, too late’. To make our lives more amenable in the sense that we are not harmed by global warming and climate change, there is much that we all need to do in our domestic and everyday lives. This includes the men too.

And so I have come full circle to this theme of green dressing up. Before I tell you what I mean, let me tell you how my most recent research on this topic went. Invariably, because I used the excuse of time running against me, I used the internet to proceed with my research. This is ironic because I would have had to spend a lot more time on the internet to come up with what I was really looking for. Nevertheless, I did find one picturesque article that was quite inspirational. It’s inspirational in the sense that if you love dressing up and looking gorgeous, you would be inspired too by what I saw.

You would have been even more excited perhaps if you were heading into the spring months. At the time of writing this article, it is practically (or officially) summer where I am. But you wouldn’t say so if you looked out of my study window. Needless to say, the copy of the article I read was given in short shrift, but the colors were vivid and magnificent. I liked the way the article opened up with this following sentiment.

For many years now, women have always been endeared towards implementing floral patterns and designs to what they dress up in everyday. This ranges from a full floral print dress to the most subtle hint of flora on a quality cotton tee-shirt or sweater, even a powder colored blouse. Pleasingly, this habit of brightening up the personal décor hasn’t changed, and long may it continue. But the new departure, if it can be called that, is quite exciting and vividly brilliant.

It is quite literally green. Green is everywhere and it is showing up as a noticeable organic theme. Here is another variation to my writing style for this blog. Sentiments and ideas can change at a moment’s notice but the present idea can be so strong that I feel compelled to continue with the story, even exceeding the pre-planned word count, which is the case here. So, as an example; this story has only just begun and I believe it is a good story. It will be continued in the next post which is themed ‘power dressing’.

So, your reading life becomes a little more interesting. You need to keep track of your reading, just as you would during the reading of a novel that you simply cannot put down. The nature of this blog, when it becomes necessary for the writer (that being me) to do so, becomes serialized.

I still have a few lines left here. So, in closing, let me continue with my remarks on green dressing. I like the way the next range of spring pattern designs have gone. It is bold and striking and green leaves are bold and large in many instances.

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