It took a while for me to get going again. I had been giving a lot of thought to what more I could possibly add to my blog. My content manager said that at this stage, it is all very well. She told me that it’s good to be ambitious but don’t be greedy, she said. New and interested readers would surely follow. She also adds that there’s one illustrious attraction good online readers look forward to. Its originality and a personal touch.

She told me to continue thinking about writing from the heart. Surely, by now, you know enough about what’s going on around you and what matters to you the most. Well, in my humble opinion, I can never know enough about anything. Surely you all agree to this? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my friendly introduction. So sorry to have kept you all waiting. May I exercise a bit of pride in hoping that you have all been looking forward to my next post?

Well girls (and boys), here it is. Finally. I would like to chat to a little bit longer on what I’m thinking of adding to this blog by way of its themes and topics. As a main theme, we will be focusing on women’s health and beauty. Both these subjects are serious topics of conversation anyway. So, I do hope that my personal touch adds, in turn, a lighter touch. My habit does tend to swing more towards encouragement and motivation.

Among all the doom and gloom, there is always positive news ahead. In life, there is always a silver lining. What more can I add to that in terms of being positive. Things are hard, I know, but I’m a positive girl at heart and I never give up. I may have a soft spot for you right now but I don’t believe in the art of spoiling others. Okay, now I am contradicting myself. Of course, I love to indulge myself every now and then. That’s the beauty of this blog too. While we talk seriously about our health and beauty, wishing to learn more about how we can enhance our looks and keep ourselves in good shape, physically and emotionally, there is always a time and place for a treat.

My strategy is to write from the heart. I have my own thoughts. And so do you. Please, do not be shy. Leave your own comments in the field provided after you’ve read one of my posts. I’ll essentially continue pressing on with my own opinions and emotions, but when the need and opportunity arises, I will most certainly be passing on the information that I’ve picked up from my own online reading. Like I said earlier, one can never know enough.

And it is empowering to acquire knowledge. This teaches you a lot more about yourself than you can imagine. I’m feeling quite stressed right now. It’s life, you know. But I’m keeping my mind focused on the blog. Let’s see what comes our way the next time I chat to you. I really want to elaborate for a little bit longer on my presentation style and the interesting themes I have chosen to write about. So, please look out for that in the next post.


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