As per my last story on beauty trends, I have decided to take a peek on what’s out there at the moment. This time we’re looking at the latest health trends. What’s in store for you this summer? Most women always seem to look a bit more intently at themselves in the mirror as spring and summer make their entrees. These are the months that women generally like to show a bit more leg, whether they’re going to be zipping up in their favorite pair of cotton Bermuda shorts, the shortest of micro minis, or a good skirt or two.

They also want to lose some weight and generally start to feel healthier and livelier at this time of the year. But winter months are important too. We are not like some animal species that need to hibernate. Although it has been said that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of beauty sleep every now and then.

Winter, summer, autumn and spring, our healthy thoughts, preoccupations and lifestyles and habits should be an everyday occurrence, not a seasonal event.
This also brings to mind longevity. Do you remember an earlier post I wrote where I remarked that I would like to age gracefully someday? Well, in order to do that and thus ensure that I am able to preserve my looks, features and physical form, I would have to apply the principle of longevity to my life. And to get that right, I would have to be on my tippy toes where my health is concerned. So, without any further ado, let’s look at some health trends, already a few years old already but still making the highest rankings on the internet.

Dietary Supplements
I continue to be skeptical about the use of dietary supplements. No, no, I’m not a skeptic. Nor am I a nay-sayer. I did mention to you before that in spite of unnaturally high stress levels, I remain inherently a positive girl. My skeptism in regard to taking dietary and health supplements is that still today, many women go in with it with the wrong approach. They still think its okay to take their daily fix but ignore the more important matter of the essential daily dietary requirements. That means eating real food, for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Gargling with Oil
This next health trend is rather charming and I quite like it. Did I mention to you earlier that I tried my hand at detoxing for a couple of days? Its okay, I guess, but it’s not for everyone. Now, gargling with oil, on the other hand, is a rather neat way of cleansing your body of toxins. The practice originated in India centuries, if not, thousands of years ago. This entails a process of gargling coconut or sesame oil around the mouth with the objective of pulling out toxins. It’s good for oral hygiene and whitens the teeth. But what about the rest of the body. Oops. Use sesame oil in your kitchen, along with your olive and coconut oil. These oils can also be applied to the skin, acting as a natural and healthy skin detoxifier.

What to drink
Water, of course, lots of it, but not too much. It was like stating the obvious. The old saying was to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but now apparently even that’s too much. Truth be told, we still need a regular, daily dose of clean, fresh water. Along with that, it does the body no harm, only good to be treated with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice. Coconut, soy and almond milk is also a tasty alternative for those who wish to avoid consuming dairy products. But women must still remember that it’s essential for them to make sure their bodies have a regular dose of calcium.

To meditate or not to meditate
Previously, most of my good days, and yes, my stressful days too, were spent dreaming. But on my stressful days, I still seem to spend more time praying than on any other. You see, I’m a believer and I can’t do without my maker. I’m happy to say that on my good days, I am more willing than ever before to give him thanks for, let’s just say, and not at all meaning to sound ungrateful, the little things I have in life. I’m beginning to understand the processes of meditation too. Particularly for a stressful girl like me, this is not an easy trick to master. What I do at night sometimes is focus my mind solely on emptiness. I just try my best to empty my mind of every single thought. My body grows numb and then I drift off to sleep without even knowing that it has happened.

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