How Do You Really See Beauty
This space has been reserved for you girls too. So do use it at will. That’s the nature of this blog. It’s not just me that’s talking here, it’s you too. Perhaps there’s something on your mind that’s niggling you and you want to get it off your chest as soon as possible. Perhaps you have no-one else to talk to right now about how you feel about beauty. I think I’d like to begin this post with this question; what is your take on beauty.

Are you one for the online and in-store trends? Or do you have a more serious view on this. This serious view could have something to do with what defines you as a woman. That’s me, in a nutshell. I was meaning to ask. What do you think of my name? It’s not my real name, you know. It’s what you call a pseudonym. Kalisa is the writing name I’ve chosen for myself for the life of this blog. It’s like the actors out there who have sometimes chosen stage names for themselves to make themselves more attractive, marketable, bankable and culturally attractive. Physically attractive too, one might add.

So, I’m guilty as charged. I’m human after all. All I wanted to do is make myself more appealing to my readers. I think it’s an exotic name. It’s not one that you hear often, you have to say. I could even apply to the authorities to have my original name stricken and this beautiful name cast in stone and etched in the memories of all future readers for all time to come. But by then, this blog would have become something of a prehistoric blog then, wouldn’t it.

Its cliché ridden, I know, but it couldn’t be helped. Like what I just said a moment ago, touching on age. Age. We’ll all have to get old at some stage of our lives. If we live healthy and wholesome lives, we could be living for a long, long time. That’s the trend among middleclass women, in spite of still having to put up with a lot of nonsense in the work place. I haven’t really thought very closely about my personal dreams, but if I could just have one dream for now, that would be to age gracefully.

I remain impressed by how other senior women have managed to retain most of their looks and continue to dress stylishly, more than holding their own among the young millenials of today. And they’re healthy too. Ah, they look gorgeous as well. Beautiful, in fact. I’d like to see myself in the mirror when I’ve aged and be able to say the same thing about myself then. But the clichés, what about the clichés, some of you have been waiting so patiently. So, now you know, I’m a bit of a tease too, not so.

Okay, so.
You are only as old as you feel.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I agree with the first statement, but the second one, well, I’m not entirely too sure about it. Let me research this for a moment. Does this mean, does this have something to do with the way we ought to feel inside in the sense that how we do feel inevitably is reflected across our physical appearance, from the way we look after ourselves, health-wise, with our skin glowing naturally and our figures in reasonably good nick, to the way we dress in the morning and the shades of shadow we blithely apply across our eyelids.
It seems the case.

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