A bit of a mishmash today, girls. How about that? Yes, I’m still fresh with thoughts on both beauty and health. Did I mention to you the other day that I pretty much follow my own routine where beauty is concerned. I could just as well say the same about how I take care of myself every day. I also said that I was blessed with reasonably good health and a good figure to boot. But, you know, if I don’t take care of myself, this could all go to pot.

Let’s talk about beauty AND health today. But let’s also hear what you have to say as well. I’m guilty as charged. I honestly don’t make enough time following the airwaves and researching the internet pages on new developments in the health and beauty spheres. My excuse has always been time. It’s wonderful to dote over fashion pages but on the whole they remain vacuous. They are just a giant folio of exquisitely colorful photographs which lead us all to the boutiques to see if we can find that adorable one-piece dress which goes down to just above the knee or that new leather boot with its giant rustic buckle on the side.

The buckle, serves no real purpose, other than being a fashion statement. Let’s stick with that then. Remember what I wrote earlier on making a fashion statement. Now, the buckle on the side of an ankle length boot is just the thing for me. The boot also has what I like to call a cowboy heel. It’s not stiletto like but it’s high enough to give me a bit of a lift. When not going to the office during the week, that’s my style. I like the rustic, outdoorsy look. I guess you could call it my fashion statement, or at least just a small part of how I’d like to project myself away from home.

And remember girls, it isn’t about how others will be seeing you, although it is quite smashing when heads do turn, but more to do with how the clothes you wear makes you feel inside. I also told you just how stressed I get at times. Today is one of my good days. Yes, there are deadlines all over the place and domestic responsibilities too. They all add up. But they are all manageable and there’s no need to stress about it.

It does sound as though I’m talking to myself but perhaps you also stress like I do. You never know. There are plenty of highly strung girls out there. Girls, listen up. It isn’t all as bad as it seems. If you’re a decent girl, got a reasonably good job, a comfy place to stay in and an investment or two for your future, and so forth, what is there to worry about. It’s amazing, sad really, just how much decent girls stress about life.

This reminds me of that saying we used to hear a lot of when we were at high school. Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere. Oh, what a lot of nonsense, hey. Yes, it’s true; we might someday get to heaven. It’s up to us. And who says we can’t go everywhere we want to as well?

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