As per my last story on beauty trends, I have decided to take a peek on what’s out there at the moment. This time we’re looking at the latest health trends. What’s in store for you this summer? Most women always seem to look a bit more intently at themselves in the mirror as spring and summer make their entrees. These are the months that women generally like to show a bit more leg, whether they’re going to be zipping up in their favorite pair of cotton Bermuda shorts, the shortest of micro minis, or a good skirt or two.


BIG and ISSUES are two big words, aren’t they. I’m speaking in layman’s terms for now and I’m retaining my right to keeping the friendliest of reader-friendly voices as possible. That’s my market and that’s who I’m sticking with. Thanks so much, girls, for supporting me all this time. You know how much it gives me a lift each and every morning or evening when I open my inbox and see, wow, someone wrote to me today. She had something extra to add to what I had previously written. Whatever comments you do pass along, I can tell you this much; it is all very much appreciated.

It’s up to us.
That’s how my last short post ended. It ended on a striking note, didn’t it? One reader wrote in to say that, yes, the post was short, but I didn’t spend enough time talking about health. Well, I didn’t want to argue the point, but I did strike a bit of a balance with the personal point of view. I mentioned a thought on my own fashion statement and I emphasized my proclivity towards over-stressing in line with the health theme. And you know, I just checked my blogging diary again and noted that I stayed true to the book by focusing on stress in that last post.

I did not divulge the point, but that was my plan all along. I’m glad I stayed true to it. The post was so short that I never got to mentioning a positive thought that occurred on the day I wrote that post. While I was remarking on all the things that generally cause many of us to worry, I omitted to mention the proverbial silver lining. You see, on that very day, I had received a dinner invitation. These folks are just awesome when it comes to such occasions. I don’t see them very often so we’ve always got bags of gossip to dish up to each other.

And I usually have a story or two to tell them. But I must learn to watch my tongue too. Gossiping causes stress as well, whether you’re on the receiving end of the story or the naughty one telling the story yourself. Now, with these folks, one thing I don’t need to watch is my figure. Their dinner treats are generally fit for a queen but they are inherently hearty, wholesome and healthy dishes. I am going to have a look at my blogging diary just now and see if I can squeeze in a story or two on this model couple’s lifestyle.

But, for the time being, I was supposed to be casting my thoughts on some of the biggest health issues facing the women of the world today. Health issues are vastly different from health trends. The biggest issue that seems to face over a billion women in this world is their inability to live healthy and normal lives. This is their daily struggle. This struggle is poverty. Many, many women are living well below the breadline. As you well know, a dollar a day gets us absolutely nowhere. And now the pound is sinking too.

Gosh, whatever next. Anyway, when I talk of poverty, I also include a great deal many other women who at least have jobs to go to everyday. But many of them only have piecemeal work or, as is the case for many Americans, still to this day in the world’s most prosperous nation, many women find themselves having to hold down more than one job. And this is not even to keep up with the Joneses. This is survival, my friends.

Women with jobs are also, in many cases, single mothers with mouths to feed and school fees to pay, clothes to buy (and wash) and rent to pay. Never mind a mortgage. That dream home still eludes many women. As far as you and I are concerned, we simply need to be patient. I am convinced that many of us will get there someday. Keep on saving what little you can every month and you’ll soon see what a difference that can make. It’s called compound interest. It does not burn holes in pockets but it can help you to make a fortune or secure your desired nest egg.

Or help you pay for your college or university degree. Now, that’s another very important and big issue where women’s health is concerned. Lacking a proper education, poverty-stricken women are often bereft of the knowledge that empowers them to secure their health and that of their family. Born into poverty, many women simply never get as far as school. Here, we have to acknowledge that under such circumstances government intervention is required.

But, all around the world, governments cannot do everything on its own. Private enterprise also needs to come to the meeting. I desist from using the word ‘party’ in this phrase, because this is no party. Public-funded companies are still making fortunes for their shareholders but very little is spared for projects that, quite literally, lift women out of the gutter. But let us not forget that middle-class women face serious health issues as well. Here, my old friend stress has something to say about this. There have been arguments to the contrary but stress does cause many vulnerable women to adopt unhealthy and, sometimes, quite dangerous habits.

One of those habits is overeating. Not just overeating on a green or tofu salad. Overeating on the worst form of junk imaginable to mankind. I say mankind, because it is mostly men that created the hegemonic burger and fries and pizza and fried chicken empires that we see littering our neon-lighted skylines today. Nevertheless, we remain guilty and personally accountable when we overindulge. And now look at this. Look at this. It seems as though I’m turning into something of a social media activist. I’ll be honest with you, ladies that was never my original intention.


I was originally going to do further research for this topic. But on second thoughts, and by the time I got down to writing this post, I decided to alter my approach. Oh, it’s not going to be a long-winded philosophical diatribe or anything like that. What it is going to be is a hearty woman to woman chat on what you make of fashion statements today. While we’re doing that, let me also tell you a bit more about my hoped for strategy for writing up the posts for this blog.

And let me also expand a bit more on the subjects I have in mind to write about. I promised this to you after I ended my last post, didn’t I. I also promised that I would add in the vital and interesting information that I’ve inherited whenever I believe it’s necessary to do this. Girls, I really am a woman of my word, and I am not one who makes promises that she does not intend to keep.

The question for today, I asked myself this question before, is what do you make of fashion statements. Is it something that you are influenced by after paging through a glossy magazine while waiting to see the doctor or something that you’ve received in your inbox from your favorite fashion retailer? Generally speaking, since the internet exploded into life, fashion statements are all the rage. Well, actually it’s been around since long before we were born.

Do any of you have old photos of how your moms used to look when they were young like us? I’m sure you do. Sometimes we used to laugh at how ridiculous they sometimes looked. But as you’ve experienced by now, we’ve inherited something of the old. Good fashions never die. Look closely at the boardwalks the next time you gloss over the iconic seasonal fashion shows and you’ll see once more how the fashion guru’s of today have subtly blended in some of the old into the new and funky, sultry and sexy.

That takes care of fashion statements for now. Health-wise, it is never the end of the road for any woman who is facing challenges in addressing things like obesity and diabetes. These may be serious problems but they can be turned around in a few heartbeats. Yes, it does take time. There’s no getting away from that. It takes moral and personal courage too. That’s very hard, I appreciate that. But what I find does help a lot is the support from others. That’s where I’ll come in on health issues. I hope to see some form of encouragement being given to others who need it while I’m writing.

I’ve done one imperialistic shot on the subject of looking good. Hope you’ll enjoy that post. Power dressing is a subject close to my heart, but green dressing. What’s that all about? Let’s wait and see. Further exploration is needed on beauty trends, but like fashion trends, somehow the tried and tested always sticks around, especially when it’s good for us. And so, I have ended this short post on a bit of a flourish. It’s like applying a nice organic blush to your eyes. I’m all for warm colors that reflect the shades of our mother earth.