H’mm, just been looking through my notes, trying to make sure what’s going to be pressed in this blog from now on. Oh, hello, you’re all here already. Wow, that was quick. I wasn’t about to let that Welcome World message stand for very long because it’s an absolutely boring and bland message, don’t you think. Well, congratulations to those of you who have reached me this quickly. Very much appreciated.
Hang about for just a few moments, let me get my reading glasses, no, I’m not old, it’s just that my eyes are so busy these days, they’ve been taking quite a bit of strain. And I do quite a pile of reading and writing during the day anyway. You see, I like to write about women’s health and beauty issues these days. Being a woman myself, these are also matters of the heart. This is going to be a fashion blog which goes beyond just talking about what to wear in the morning or what to slip on for the next do.
This is a blog about health-oriented approaches that we should be taking in our lives. You’ll be happy to know that most of the time the beauty space is nicely aligned to keeping things healthy. So, while you get to glow, you get to stay healthy too, something like that. Anyway, I thought it was a nice idea when someone told me that I should start up my own blog on health and beauty. She also said that I shouldn’t delay.
I should just get the blog up and running and don’t worry too much about the first two empty pages. Soon, she said, and with the amount of reading and writing I do anyway, the ideas will come. She also said I shouldn’t delay my Welcome page. Spend one or two days thinking about a friendly introduction and then get going in a warmhearted and spontaneous sort of way. I like the sound of that. While writing up my posts in such a friendly sort of way I will be imparting as much information to you as possible.
This will be based on all the reading material I’ve managed to gather and work through in just these last few days. I am aiming to keep my personal blog honest and real and am also hoping that you take part too. Here, you are more than welcome to leave a comment or two on what you thought of any of my posts. You are also more than welcome to share your own ideas and stories and news that you’ve gathered as well.
Well, it’s just about time to go already. Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Kalisa and it’s really, really nice to be meeting you all so soon. Hope you get to enjoy the time spent with me here. These warmhearted, health-oriented posts mainly on women’s health and beauty should prove to be inspirational, apart from just being another file of information. I’m dressing most of my posts with some striking themes.
They will also serve as headings to these posts. Here are just the first few;
Fashion Statements, Healthwize, Looking Good, Green Dressing Up, Power Dressing for Work, Beauty Space Trends.
Hope you enjoy every single one of them, and more.